Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playtest 3

Some more play test images from the most recent session:

This is some of my pre-session prep. I needed to introduce a new character so I modified the Smoke and Shadow encounter. Instead of creatures just bursting from a lava rift, I had the new character on the other side of the rift fighting npcs. I switched back and forth between the combat and the skill challenge and at the right point the lava plane (shown above) dumped into the Shadowfell....right on top of the rest of the party. The map shown here is actually part of Orcus's Lair from E3.

Anyhow, this shows the automatic effect creation when NPCs are dropped on the tracker. Effects are a huge part of 2.0. The actual processing of effects during combat is really the easier half of the problem. Parsing effects off NPC sheets/PC powers is where the real challenge was. Moon_wizard did in awesome job in making it all work. As someone who's spent a fair amount of time attempting to convert WOTC's data to a different format, I know just how daunting a task like this is.

An early round of the "Training Session" encounter. Not much is going on in this screenshot, other than me dropping an effect on Khem that doesn't belong and them him accidentially holding ctrl while picking up damage dice. That's what happens when the session runs late. Really I took this image more for the adventure log I keep on our obsidian portal page....oh well.


DNH said...

Envy is an ugly sentiment.

What news from Moon re a release date? Anyone know?

J said...

I found some (although admittedly minor) bugs in my last session and one piece was still being worked on last I checked.

SoCalinTx said...

When I tried to bribe Moon_Wizard with the naming of my firstborn after him if he released by 11/8 he said that would be doubtful.

So sometime after that!

J said...

Really I just post to torture Olodrin with my perfect grids

Olodrin said...

You are a terrible person