Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Skin

Zeph created a "stone" themed skin for 4E_JPG that replaces the default "wood" theme of FGII. The original version was in extension form but because it changed a lot of positioning, I rolled the changes into the ruleset and submitted them. Of course some things will need to be changed (the center dragon for example), but here's some screen shots of the unapproved look:


Tobey H. said...

looking good. i wish you could keep the dragon head. anything you can do about the close button on each window? it doesn't match the theme at all

zephp said...

The skin is a starter for 10, I just thought it was about time we re-skinned 4E_JPG in line with all the cool new features moon_wizard and Tenian have added to the ruleset recently.

I'll take a look at the close button, although I would have thought the fact it stands out against the windows is a good thing, easier to spot on a busy desktop, still I'll see what I can do.

J said...

It's much appreciated. My groups are spoiled by an ever changing ruleset, so it's nice when someone else does the heavy lifting for me!

Mario B. said...

Me and my players are sooooo looking forward to get our hands on this amazing Ruleset. Can you tell anything about WHEN this might be?

Pleeeeeaaaase? *ggg

(Sorry, poor english. ;-))

J said...

No idea, I have yet to receive a version with the new targeting system in place.

After I receive a copy it usually gets 2-4 weeks worth of testing depending on what bugs/issues arise.