Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bug hunting

Testing the revised multiple target system (all moon_wizard's work):
Above Vyhev targets 3 NPCs and triggers her armor's damage effect against them. Instead of dragging the damage to each NPC, it just takes one click once they are targeted. Note the CT displays her current targets on the CT.

Above Khem uses his Visions of Blood close area power against two of the panthers. Again you can see his targets on both the map and the CT. After targeting he double clicks the attack to determine the hits. Next he double clicks the damage and it applies it to any targets he hit. he could also click an effect if the power had one.


zephp said...

Looks really good, is there a limit on the number of targets a (N)PC can make?

Mario B. said...

Yay! Looks really great! :-)

J said...

See the next post for an example of an attack against many targets.

DNH said...

All good stuff coming our way (soon?).

Does it work the same/as well from the DM side?