Monday, January 25, 2010

Dragonomicon: Metallic Dragons

Great book. I love the Dragonomicon books but they are a LOT of work to make into FGII modules. Especially since PDFs have gone away. Hand correcting the OCR of the Lairs section took forever.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results. Thanks to Zeph for OCR help and EugeneZ for cleaning the tags off the maps.

I made a few minor parser changes to allow for a few more ZLINKs and the suppression of a few items from the library lists.


Tobey H. said...

Wow... I'm so jealous. your modules are so complete and professional looking. and the new 4E ruleset skin is absolutely perfect for the 4E feel. I'm getting tired of waiting :)

Rough 'n' Tough said...

I'll come visit once my life gets a bit more settled ... not like I can start my new job and take a vacation.

Oh, and just to add something geeky on here so I feel like I fit in, I loved A Fire Upon The Deep. Neuromancer is also quite entertaining. HOT GEEK CHICKS RULE!

Todd said...

What is the window with the images to the left of the "Grand Assemblage" text?

This looks different from anything I've seen before.

J said...

You mean the other half of the reference manual?

I gave it a 4E reskin a while back:

You can find pictures of the older version through out the blog. This one gives a clear picture: