Friday, January 29, 2010

Ruleset 2.0 is now available.

A ton of work went into this thing, mostly from moon_wizard (all the effects, combat, etc) and Zeph (the new look).

Also my poor testing groups had to struggle through a few sessions where things just didn't work (locked tokens = map crash. insubstantial = 1.5 damage instead of 2.0 damage, etc).

To check it out you'll need the TestModeManager tool for FGII which can be found here

After that you should just update and it will download all the new stuff. I strongly recommend backing up your campaigns before doing any conversion, but I don't remember any upgrade issues (then again 1.5.1 was months ago for me and my testers).

You can find more details on the thread in the FGII forums. I recommend you clear time on your schedule to read the changes/readme files once the install completes. A lot of things have changed...for the better.


Kyo said...

have u a download link for the ruleset 4E_JPG 2.0?

i wanna test ^^ thx for the upgrade

Tobey H. said...

It's now known simply as "4E" and distributed through the Fantasy Grounds II updater. Currently you have to set FGII to "test" mode instead of "release" mode using the small utility linked in this blog post. Then run the FGII updater and it will download all of it. Read the new release notes included with it because a lot of things, like your old modules, will need converting

Kyo said...

i can't update my fantasy grounds

when i click on test, it return to release ='(

can u upload the ruleset?

thx for the aswer

J said...

If you're have troubles using the updater you should post in The Laboratory on the FGII forums

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the v1.5 4E ruleset and everything works great except for the modules. How do I get them to work?

Guver said...

Hi, where can we download all the fabulous reskinning extensions you are doing?

Thanks a lot for your great job!