Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Location

EugeneZ was gracious enough to give me space to host the parser. The new home is:

You'll find the latest version (4.0.56) there in both ZIP and MSI format.

Changes since the last version (mostly PHB3 or Zeph extensions related)

****************************Public Release: 4/14/2010 *****************

* General: Catalog function updated to support classes that only have features (Hybrids) and to support the new class syntax (Skill Powers)

* PHB3: New class syntax that enables the Paragon Path: tag to be suppressed from power output

* PHB3: Superior implements Properties and Groups no longer trim as weapons do

* PHB3: Added default level for powers that don't have one (Aspect of the Cultivator)

* PHB3: Option to display power lists with only features in the library. This is for Hybrids.

* General: Fixed bracketed feat support so that feats without brackets are grouped by tier

* PHB3: Support for Ki Focus formatting

* PHB2/PHB3: Support for paragon paths with () in their name

* PHB3: Support for Superior implements

* Effects: Support for effect parsing

* ZLINK: Support for cross module links, Zeph tables, Treasure parcels

* Tables: Support for Zeph's Table Extension.

* Treasure Parcels: Support for Zeph's Treasure Parcel Extension.

* General: Combo box improvements: Flicker removed, focus set, autocomplete, drop down.

* General: Option to split Feats that contain []s in the name into groups. Such as the styles or runic feats.

* PHB3: Parse support for powers that use Augment

* PHB3: Scrape support for powers that use Augment

* PHB3: Support for Processing Monk powers with []'s out of the compendium


Olodrin said...

Hey T,

Thanks for the updated parser, it handled the data directly from the scrape pretty well. Where do I find the skill powers in the parsed output?


J said...

Nowhere, they aren't in the compendium. You'll have to add them manually.

Zap said...

I have been trying to help my DM out with this since I'm more tech savvy than he is.
I came across something weird with the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. It seems that for the Swordmage power "Dimensional Warp" it wants to get both the Swordmage Utility and the Warlock's Darkspiral Aura power mixed together. Thus, the Swordmage Utility is shown and in the special field, you get the information about the utility and the Dark Spiral Aura power. I checked the txt file from the scraped compendium, but it doesn't look like there is anything that would make it merge. They are on separate lines. Is it some sort of bug?

Olodrin said...

Fair enough; any reason the scraper is pulling hybrid for paladin and not for others?

J said...

Only Hybrid Paladin shows up when you ask the compendium for PHB3 powers.

Olodrin said...

did any of the changes to the parser effect the catalog function? cataloging after re-parsing all my books resulted in some weird stuff, like an epic category in the class folder of the 4e catalog

J said...

As for FR:PG some dork at WOTC decided to mark those powers as "Pact Boon" instead of the "Attack" or "Utility" that the printed materials used.

You can search/replace "Pact Boon 1" with "Attack 1" and everything will work.

I'll get it next version.

Zap said...

Cool. Thanks!

John said...

The new parser is FANTASTIC!
Thanks man :)

Are you going to add catalog for magic items as well? That would be invaluable when searching for a particular piece of equipment...

BTW - in the catalog the 1st item of each category (class, paragon path, epic destiny) is kinda "invisible" - it's there but you can't see it.

Olodrin said...

Hi T,

I've been trying a few things to see if I can narrow down the catalog issue.

I think the most basic test was the most effective. I emptied the module folder, re-scraped the PHB, parsed it, then ran the catalog.

A few things happened

1. In the classes section of the catalog, there is an "Epic" option, which contains 3 26th level utility powers, Divine Regeneration (Demigod), Epic Trick (Deadly Trickster) and Shape Magic (Archmage)

2. Archmage is not listed in the catalog at all, though it does exist in the PHB module.

If you'd like a screenshot, please let me know.


Olodrin said...

Hey T,

Sorry to keep bothering you, but noticed a few other anomalies based on the aforementioned test.

1. There is also a "Paragon" folder in the Class section of the catalog.

2. There is no visible entry for cleric, though if you hover around the blue "class" bar, you can find the cleric entry.

Hope this is more helpful than annoying,

Namyra said...

Thanks for the new parser update!

I noticed a small issue which affects 2 Warden powers (might affect other powers, but that's the ones I noticed at least). It seems the parser doesn't recognise "Trigger:" as a tag if it comes directly after "Requirement:", so Form of the Willow Sentinel Attack and Form of the Oak Sentinel Attack have the "Trigger: etc..." text as regular text in the "Requirement:" tag. It's really no big deal, just thought I'd point it out for completeness' sake.

J said...

I haven't looked at the catalog. Frankly, I hate the thing. I doubt I'll do anything beyond fixing what's broken.

As for the broken Requirement: to Trigger: cascade. The printed materials do not contain this. The Requirement: tag seems to be a compendium addition.
I think I have it fixed but I'll have to scrape a test PHB2 to verify.

Olodrin said...

Fair enough.

Olodrin said...

Hey T,

In case you're interested in the new MM3 statblock design, check out this link:


J. said...

I'm getting a couple of errors, 1 being due to the Scraped data from Remliel, Angel of Prophecy I don't remember where it came from. And another one caused by when it was creating the xml file, it was creating tags named <1target> and it didn't like that.

John said...

Are you going to release an updated version now that MM3 is out?