Friday, July 23, 2010

Fonts again...

I did some more work and locked speaking in languages to languages that the players have listed on their sheets.

I also did a quick search and replaced all the fonts with ones that I believe are freely distributable. I added a source file that lists where I got the font from and in most cases I included the zip file that contains the font.

Download the extension here.

To switch the fonts it's a three step process:

1) Convert a .ttf file into a .fgf file using the FGFontGenerator (available from Smiteworks).
2) Copy the .fgf file into the extensions fonts directory.
3) Edit the extension.xml and change the fgffile name="fonts/{your fgf filename here}.fgf" for the language you wish to alter. Adding additional languages is just a matter of adding a new font block and adding the proper entries to the character sheets.


Czarisyn said...

so how do you start it? I've got it saved to the right spot but it doesn't show up and there are no menu options that I can see

Alejandro V. said...

Yes, I have the same doubt, how to use it.
At first I guess the character sheet should have declared the same languages that the XML has in the package.
But how to make the GM speaks in any of those language, that I don't know. Or how to make the player speak in the languages his character knows.

J said...

You put it in your extension directory and then enable it when you load your campaign.

From then it's just:
/lang {language} {text}

For example:
/lang draconic this is a test

That's it. The host speaks all languages unrestricted. Clients only speak languages where the internal font name matches the data on their character sheet.

Tim said...

does the extension have the fonts already in it? Or do I ahve to go find the fonts for it?

J said...

It includes the fonts pictured.

Jaqknife said...

A couple more questions if you don't mind.

First do all the clients need this extension for it to work or just the DM?

"Clients only speak languages where the internal font name matches the data on their character sheet."

Secondly do you mean the area on the 4E character sheet where you type in the language or is there another part to this?

J said...

Extensions (like all ruleset modifications) are pushed from the host to the client when the client connects.

And yes it uses the Languages section of the character sheet.