Monday, November 8, 2010

Minor Release

Added a link since some people seem to be having trouble.

Some minor fixes to correct some changes in items. Also added support for skill powers which suddenly appeared.

****************************Public Release: 11/8/2010 *****************

* General: Fixed the Familiar option to correctly toggle on and off based on the compendium

* Compendium: Fixed several issues with items that gained the useless "Published in " tag

* Compendium: Fixed Skill Power meta data


Zap said...

I have decided to re-download most things that our group used due to errata and changes as well as newer books.
I decided to add in Dragon Magazine 389 and came across an error while it said:
"Setting up Items
Epic Destinies scrape Complete!"
and then it crashes. I tell it to ignore the error and continue.
Nothing more happens. At first I figured that maybe 389 just didn't have items and it would crash trying to do so.
I then started doing the Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands since people wanted to make use of some feats in it. I came across the same thing again when it tried to do the "setting up Items" and then crashing.

I am using the 118 even though that the build number up on the program title says 115.

Know what could be causing this?

Zap said...

I suppose I should mention that I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (not sure if it helps any)

Zap said...

It seems that Dungeon Magazine Annual has experienced the same thing. I decided trying to tell it not to get items and it seemed to work.
Also, I just realized that it responds in the "crash" scene when it asks me to report or not to send the report that it returned a 500 internal server error.

J said...

Mine shows 118

Error 500 is an internal error from the web sever. i.e. WOTC returned an error. Your best bet is to locate the item manually and post on WOTC's site.

Zap said...

ya. Actually, what seemed to also work was using a simple append method and getting the item selected.

Also, it seems at least on Arcane Powers, it came up with a couple of errors when parsing to a module. One error included was involving the matching of the "p" tags. Looking the text files, they seemed for starters to get something from PHB3. They even included the "published in" that you mentioned you got rid of.
I parsed it into the FG2 program anyways by taking off armors and equipment and left items there, everything seemed alright. I went into the program and tested Arcane Powers. It seemed to include some random "Bard Spells" above the Level 1 at-wills. They were listed as white and I have no idea how it got in there.

I'm probably going to test some more tomorrow, but I'm tired after doing all the downloads and thumbnail setting up in one entire day.

Zap said...

I went ahead to continue my try finally with Player's Handbook 1. It seems not only did the compendium get the "published in" stuff, it also kept grabbing wrong material. For example: The armor and weapons were also grabbing information from Adventurer's Vault 1.

I am suspecting this is due to the changes to the compendium?
It wouldn't be so bad for me if it wasn't that it grabs some of the wrong things and thus me needing to edit all the texts it grabs that it shouldn't.
When it does grab the published in marks, it seems to also grab the links via "a href" and usually it doesn't know how to handle it.