Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Paser: 4.0.115

You can download the new version here

Updates for Essentials, Psionic Power, and the new compendium items (backgrounds, familiars, etc).

Note 1:
I tested the PHB, Arcane Power, and Psionic Power but I didn't have time to regression test all the older books.

Note 2:
There's a new version of the lore extension which offers /ilore (send lore images only), /tlore (send lore text only), /lore (send both text and images). It may fix some issues other people were having. Get get image support you must reparse modules containing npcs with the 115 parser or greater. You can download it here

Version History:
Note: to use the NPC Database features the Microsoft Office or the ACE drivers are required.
ACE drivers can be downloaded at the following address:

****************************Public Release: 11/6/2010 *****************

* Essentials: Increased support for powers that do not have levels

* Compendium: Support for familiars

* Powers: Cascade from Dynamic tags to Benefit enabled

* Compendium: Support for Fey Pacts that have a level number.
* Powers: Cascade from Prerequisite to Trigger enabled

* Compendium: Support for more complex backgrounds like those in FR

* Compendium: Initial handling of backgrounds

* Compendium: Handling of Features that contain the Augment tag

* Compendium: Adjustment to processing the Augment tag

* NPCs: Images parsed into a node for easy ruleset access

* ZLINK: Support for libnpc and libtrap
* Traps: Improved formatting of Additional Description

* ZLINK: Added support for map (same as image), template (npc template)

* AltPower: Now accepts MM3 format


Olodrin said...

Hey J,

I feel a little dumb asking this, but what is the NPC database and how do I access it?


DNH said...

I can't install the latest version. It asks me for the .msi from version 4.0.56 which I didn't have. I picked it up from elsewhere on this blog but still get a message saying the old version of the parser could not be removed, which interrupts the installation of the new version. Any thoughts? Thanks.

DNH said...

Never mind! Got it working just now. For some inexplicable reason, the download of the older version had to be in my browser's "temp downloads" folder and not alongside the .msi of the new version. Who can figure the mysterious foibles of computers?

J said...

The NPC Database is for the module workshop.