Saturday, August 23, 2008

Huge tracts of....text?

Someone mentioned they were using the Conditions file to store other random text items. I decided to stick some random rules in there just to see how it displays. Turns out it's not half bad.

So I created yet another file (15th) for the PHB parser. This is the text reference file. It uses a format nearly identical to the Condition file with 2 minor changes.

1) It adds a ZGROUP tag. The line(s) after this tag become the library level title for the group. In the example below I have ZGROUP Rules - Movement and Position and a ZGROUP Actions in Combat. Note that the ZGROUP applies to EVERY item after it until it encounters a new ZGROUP

2) It maintains the order of all the items. The order they appear in the file is the order they are displayed.

1 comment:

David said...

Thank you for catering to my has-to-be-in-order OCD tendencies :)

How's the DMG parser coming along? The table from Page 42 would be a welcome addition.