Friday, August 22, 2008


I moved on to parsing the PHB type data out of the FR Campaign Guide. The rituals went in no problem. The magic items were another story.
First off several of them do not have a lvl # +# # gp series of lines.
Some of them have a bonus but it's just in the title and not in the proper field.
A few of them use "Enhancement Bonus:" instead of "Enhancement:"
Oh and there's the "Item Slots:" instead of "Item Slot:"
Don't forget the fact we made some items that have more than 1 power with the same recharge.

But the big thing? They added a whole new field. "Quirks:". So I had to modify the parser, and the ruleset lua, and the xml display classes.
Since I was playing with the PHB parser anyhow, I made some changes to it which will hopefully be an improvement over the older version.

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