Monday, August 25, 2008

My Kobolds are now reptiles!

Playing around with organizing the reference better. The top level library node is just named "Reference" now. The ZGROUP tag 's are all displayed in a seperate window (shown left). Each of those opens into a window that lists the ZSUBGROUP tags (middle) . Finally the inline text list (shown right) starts off with the ZNAME nodes displayed. Clicking on one displays it's associated ZTEXT. I'm still fiddling with it. Trying to decide if I want the ZTEXT to be displayed in another window.
And in other news, I made the parser smart enough to recognize the "Brutal Scoundrel" and "Artful Dodger" tags. They are now displayed correctly. Also the ability to have Secondary/Tertiary Effect tags (like Hit, Weapon, Target, Attack) was added. I noticed they were missed in Weaponsoul Dance.

Oh and I applied all the updates from WOTC's site.


David said...

Hey Ten. Hope the parser is coming along well. Can't wait for the next release to concat all of my Reference sections.

Is there any good way to make a wide table like the weapons table myself? I tried just using (tr)(td)(/td)(/tr) (parenthesis because blogger was whining) tags for some really wide ones (like the level up chart), but it just ended up looking like a cobbled mess. Where do I start on this? (XML definitely isn't a 2nd language to me)

J said...

Well that's technically HTML formatting not XML :)

The weapon table isn't really a table, it's formatting is controlled by something entirely different, I just laid it out so it looked like a table.

I'm not sure which formatting options are available within the html supported by FG2. I'm pretty sure colspan is supported, you could also try border,align and some of the others and see if you can render it better.

JMnITup used to have a version of the weapons and armor charts done entirely as a html table that looked pretty good using only colspan. Unfortunately it didn't link into the database so the drag and drop we've all come to love didn't work, but it was still very nice (I based my replacements off his original works).